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The 2018 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2018) and Bioinformatics Open Source Conference 2018 (BOSC2018) are meeting together in Portland, Oregon, United States, June 25-30, 2018.  There will be two days of training, a two+ day meeting, and four days of intense collaboration.  The meeting features joint & parallel sessions, shared keynotes, poster & demo sessions, birds-of-a-feather, and social events.  GCCBOSC is organized by Oregon Health & Science University and will be at Reed College.

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Thursday, June 28

8:00am PDT

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B02: Tripal Sequence Similarity Search provides efficient protein sequence similarity search for Tripal sites PAB AtriumSean Buehler B04: TreeGenes: enabling visualization and analysis in forest tree genomics PAB AtriumEmily Grau B06: Bioinformatics in the age of AI and personalized medicine: an open source example PAB AtriumMichael Duncan B08: GRADitude: A computational tool for the analysis of Grad-seq data PAB AtriumSilvia Di Giorgio B10: Debarcer2, De-Barcoding and Error Correction of sequencing data containing molecular barcodes designed to handle different library designs. PAB AtriumLawrence Heisler B12: Plugging Docker-based visualizations into Django with django_docker_engine PAB AtriumChuck McCallum B14: Cirrus-NGS: Cloud-optimized compute infrastructure for next generation sequencing analysis PAB AtriumGuorong Xu B16: Infrastructure for coordinating multi-site clinical research projects via REDCap and Synapse PAB AtriumXindi Guo B18: NIH Data Commons Pilot Phase leverages the cloud to access, analyze, and share FAIR biomedical data PAB AtriumDavid Siedzik B20: Reproducible data analysis with Snakemake PAB AtriumJohannes Köster B22: Code is Science: a manifesto for open source code in science PAB AtriumYo Yehudi B24: The Hypergraph Algorithms Package PAB AtriumAnna Ritz B26: Fast, sustainable, and secure bioinformatics with Rust-Bio and Rust-Htslib PAB AtriumJohannes Köster B28: Community Annotation with Apollo: Engaging the Collective in a Genome Annotation Workflow PAB AtriumNathan Dunn B30: The Funnel Task Execution Server PAB AtriumAlexander Buchanan B32: iMADS: A sustainable software collaboration for predicting transcription factor binding specificity PAB AtriumDan Leehr B34: Implementation of Nextflow for the automated processing of NovaSeq data sets PAB AtriumNetsanet (Net) Gebremedhin B36: Understanding reproducibility of bioinformatics workflows PAB AtriumSehrish Kanwal B38: You can't spell Cromwell without CWL PAB AtriumJeff Gentry B40: Running portable workflow and container specifications at production scale in the cloud: strategy & best practices PAB AtriumGeet Duggal B42: The GA4GH/DREAM Workflow Execution Challenge PAB AtriumJames Eddy B44: A composable container system for genomic analysis pipelines PAB AtriumYu Xang B46: Bespin: An open source system to run reproducible computational workflows on cloud infrastructure PAB AtriumJohn Bradley D02: Adding R shiny apps as Galaxy interactive environment. A Galaxy-E demo PAB AtriumValintin Chambon D04: A Galaxy Implementation of Next-Generation Clustered Heat Maps for Interactive Exploration of Large-Scale Molecular Profiling Data PAB AtriumBob Brown D06: Distributed execution of bioinformatics tools on Apache Spark with ADAM and Cannoli PAB AtriumMichael Heuer D08: Owlery: An easily deployable web service for making reasoning queries over OWL ontologies web-native PAB AtriumHilmar Lapp G02: Testing Wide-Area Lustre File Systems for Sharing load in Galaxy PAB AtriumCarrie Ganote G04: Galaxy for AnswerALS on Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes PAB AtriumRC Carter G06: Galaxy2Shiny2Galaxy - Combining Galaxy with Shiny (and doing other bad things) PAB AtriumHans-Rudolf Hotz G08: Collecting data for association genetics: Tripal Plant PopGen Submit pipeline PAB AtriumPeter Richter G10: Coloc-stats: a unified web interface to perform colocalization analysis of genomic features PAB AtriumSveinung Gundersen G12: Canada's Integrated Rapid Infectious Disease Analysis Platform (IRIDA) PAB AtriumThomas Matthews G14: HIV transmission clustering in Galaxy PAB AtriumDave Bouvier G16: Integrative proteo-transcriptomics workflows within the Galaxy framework to explore the correlation between the expression of RNA and proteins PAB AtriumPraveen Kumar G18: CRAVAT (Cancer-Related Analysis of Variants Toolkit) integration into Galaxy-P and extension towards proteogenomic studies PAB AtriumRay Sajulga G20: Using Galaxy to analyze TCGA data: the experience of a Brazilian center PAB AtriumThais Hosokawa G22: ARIAWeb: a structural bioinformatics web interface linked to galaxy PAB AtriumFabien Mareuil G24: New tools to enhance the Galaxy-based metabolomics workbench PAB AtriumArthur Eschenlauer G26: ISAcreate: a Galaxy tool for Prospective Data Management with ISA format support - Application to Metabolomics Datasets PAB AtriumPhilippe Rocca-Serra G28: EDAM: the ontology of bioinformatics operations, types of data, topics, and data formats (2018 update) PAB AtriumHervé Ménager G30: Compliance? We don’t need no stinking compliance! PAB AtriumJeffrey Miller G32: Results of an Extended Developer Support consultation with the CloudLaunch project PAB AtriumMarcus Christie
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