GCC BOSC 2018 has ended
The 2018 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2018) and Bioinformatics Open Source Conference 2018 (BOSC2018) are meeting together in Portland, Oregon, United States, June 25-30, 2018.  There will be two days of training, a two+ day meeting, and four days of intense collaboration.  The meeting features joint & parallel sessions, shared keynotes, poster & demo sessions, birds-of-a-feather, and social events.  GCCBOSC is organized by Oregon Health & Science University and will be at Reed College.

Featured Speakers

avatar for Lucia Peixoto

Lucia Peixoto

Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, Washington State University
Assistant Professor
avatar for Fernando Pérez

Fernando Pérez

Berkeley Institute for Data Science, University of California Berkeley
Assistant Professor
avatar for Tracy K. Teal

Tracy K. Teal

The Carpentries
Executive Director


avatar for Enis Afgan

Enis Afgan

Galaxy Project, Johns Hopkins University
Research scientist
avatar for Geraldine Van der Auwera

Geraldine Van der Auwera

Broad Institute
Associate Director of Outreach and Communications
avatar for Dannon Baker

Dannon Baker

Galaxy Project, Johns Hopkins University
avatar for Bérénice Batut

Bérénice Batut

University of Freiburg
avatar for Marius van den Beek

Marius van den Beek

Institut Curie, Paris
avatar for Jochen Bick

Jochen Bick

ETH Zürich
avatar for Daniel Blankenberg

Daniel Blankenberg

Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University
Assistant Professor
avatar for Dave Bouvier

Dave Bouvier

Galaxy Project, Penn State University
Computational Scientist

John Bradley

Duke University
avatar for Yvan Le Bras

Yvan Le Bras

French National Museum of Natural History
Research engineer
avatar for Anthony Bretaudeau

Anthony Bretaudeau

avatar for Bob Brown

Bob Brown

In Silico Solutions
avatar for Daniela Butano

Daniela Butano

InterMine, University of Cambridge
Research SofwareEngineer

RC Carter

avatar for Martin Čech

Martin Čech

Galaxy Project, Penn State University
avatar for Brad Chapman

Brad Chapman

Harvard Chan School
Bioinformatics Core
avatar for John Chilton

John Chilton

Galaxy Project, Penn State University
avatar for Marcus Christie

Marcus Christie

Indiana University
Principal Science Gateway Research Consultant
avatar for Dave Clements

Dave Clements

Galaxy Project, Johns Hopkins University
Training and Outreach Coordinator
avatar for Peter Cock

Peter Cock

The James Hutton Institute
avatar for Nate Coraor

Nate Coraor

Galaxy Project, Penn State University
avatar for Jean-Paul Courneya

Jean-Paul Courneya

University of Maryland - Baltimore HS/HSL
avatar for Michael R. Crusoe

Michael R. Crusoe

Common Workflow Language project
Project Lead & Co-founder
avatar for Akila Parvathy Dharshini

Akila Parvathy Dharshini

Indian institute of technology
PhD student

Maria Doyle

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Application and Training Specialist
avatar for Michael Duncan

Michael Duncan

bioinformatics R&D
avatar for Nathan Dunn

Nathan Dunn

UC Berkeley
Software Developer

Caleb Easterly

University of Minnesota
avatar for James Eddy

James Eddy

Sage Bionetworks
Senior Scientist
avatar for Arthur Eschenlauer

Arthur Eschenlauer

University of Minnesota
avatar for Taylor Falk

Taylor Falk

University of Connecticut
avatar for Chris Fields

Chris Fields

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Associate Director, HPCBio
avatar for Carrie Ganote

Carrie Ganote

Indiana University Bloomington
avatar for Jeff Gentry

Jeff Gentry

Broad Institute
Senior Principal Software Engineer

Silvia Di Giorgio

University of Würzburg
avatar for Simon Gladman

Simon Gladman

University of Melbourne
avatar for Jeremy Goecks

Jeremy Goecks

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Computational...
avatar for Nuwan Goonasekera

Nuwan Goonasekera

University of Melbourne
avatar for Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin

University of Minnesota
avatar for Björn Grüning

Björn Grüning

University of Freiburg

Xindi Guo

Sage Bionetworks
Research Associate
avatar for Nomi Harris

Nomi Harris

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
BOSC 2018 Chair
avatar for Lawrence Heisler

Lawrence Heisler

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Manager, Bioinformatics Support
avatar for Michael Heuer

Michael Heuer

UC Berkeley
avatar for Jennifer Hillman-Jackson

Jennifer Hillman-Jackson

Galaxy Project, Penn State University
avatar for Karsten Hokamp

Karsten Hokamp

Trinity College Dublin
Bioinformatics Research Officer
avatar for Hans-Rudolf Hotz

Hans-Rudolf Hotz

Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel
avatar for Pratik Jagtap

Pratik Jagtap

University of Minnesota
Research assistant Professor

Vahid Jalili

Galaxy Project, Oregon Health & Science University
avatar for JJ Johnson

JJ Johnson

Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, University of Minnesota
Senior Software Developer
avatar for Matúš Kalaš

Matúš Kalaš

University of Bergen
avatar for Sehrish Kanwal

Sehrish Kanwal

The University of Melbourne
avatar for Andrey Kartashov

Andrey Kartashov

Cincinnati Childrens Hospital
Senior Software Developer
avatar for Farah Zaib Khan

Farah Zaib Khan

The University of Melbourne
avatar for Radhika S. Khetani

Radhika S. Khetani

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Training Director
avatar for Tomas Klingström

Tomas Klingström

SLU-Global Bioinformatics Centre, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Project manager
avatar for Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar

University of Minnesota
Graduate Student
avatar for Ted Laderas

Ted Laderas

Oregon Health & Science University
Assistant Professor
avatar for Bradley W. Langhorst

Bradley W. Langhorst

New England Biolabs
avatar for Hilmar Lapp

Hilmar Lapp

Duke University, Center for Gemonic and Computational Biology
Director of Informatics
avatar for Sébastien Lelong

Sébastien Lelong

Scripps Research Institute
Research Programmer

Fabien Mareuil

Institut Pasteur
Research Engineer
avatar for Thomas Matthews

Thomas Matthews

Public Health Agency of Canada
avatar for Subina Mehta

Subina Mehta

University of Minnesota
avatar for Hervé Ménager

Hervé Ménager

Institut Pasteur
Research Engineer
avatar for Jeffrey Miller

Jeffrey Miller

The University of Iowa
Sr. Systems Administrator

Meeta Mistry

Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health
Bioinformatics Analyst and Trainer
avatar for Anton Nekrutenko

Anton Nekrutenko

Galaxy Project, Penn State University

Kate Noblett

Broad Institute
avatar for Hiromu Ochiai

Hiromu Ochiai

National Cancer Center Japan
avatar for Tazro Ohta

Tazro Ohta

avatar for Krzysztof Poterlowicz

Krzysztof Poterlowicz

University of Bradford
avatar for Mr Keiran M Raine

Mr Keiran M Raine

Wellcome Sanger Institute
Principal Bioinformatician
avatar for Philippe Rocca-Serra

Philippe Rocca-Serra

University of Oxford
avatar for Lorena Pantano Rubino

Lorena Pantano Rubino

Harvard Chan School
Research Scientist

Leyla Ruzicka

ZFIN, University of Oregon

Mike Ryan

In Silico Solutions
avatar for Ray Sajulga

Ray Sajulga

University of Minnesota
avatar for Luke Sargent

Luke Sargent

Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU)

David Siedzik

Broad Institute
avatar for Luciane Sussuchi Da Silva

Luciane Sussuchi Da Silva

Barretos Cancer Hospital
avatar for Nicola Soranzo

Nicola Soranzo

Earlham Institute
avatar for Hirotaka Suetake

Hirotaka Suetake

Rhelixa Inc.
avatar for Thais Talarico

Thais Talarico

Barretos Cancer Hospital
Project assistant/Student
avatar for James Taylor

James Taylor

Johns Hopkins University

Sara-Jayne Thursby

University of Ulster
avatar for Paolo Di Tommaso

Paolo Di Tommaso

Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG)
Research Software engineer

Anastasia Tyryshkina

Penn State University
avatar for Bastian Greshake Tzovaras

Bastian Greshake Tzovaras

avatar for Nicole Vasilevsky

Nicole Vasilevsky

Oregon Health & Science University
Lead Biocurator
avatar for Daniel Vaughan

Daniel Vaughan

Tech Lead
avatar for Heather Wiencko

Heather Wiencko

Hosted Graphite
Software Engineer
avatar for Jason Williams

Jason Williams

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Joachim Wolff

Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
avatar for Yo Yehudi

Yo Yehudi

InterMine (University of Cambridge)
Software Developer

Sumaira Zaman

University of Connecticut
avatar for Sarah Wait Zaranek

Sarah Wait Zaranek

Curoverse Research